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  • Image of MB Big Block
  • Image of MB Big Block

The most anticipated street skating frame of all time* is now available in an extremely limited quantity. Designed to pose slide very fast and stable on real street (and fake street) objects. Every part of the fabled "big block prototype" has been improved upon for maximum grinding pleasure.

- 65mm max wheel size; 60mm minimum recommended wheel size.
- 288mm wheelbase for steezier landings and social media reactions that will say “looks long” and “look like skis."
- Extra thick bolt protection for optimum real street curb slide sessions.
- Thickened inner braces for solid “pock” landing sounds.
- Grey color technology.
- Royale “thumb groove” technology for Royale break-in assistance.
- 50% core certified by the Real Skaters Association.
- Recommended 6mm rocker pattern from Todd and Joey ⬆️⬇️⬇️⬆️

(MB Big Blocks are not recommended if you are offended by: Tall frames, longer frames, giant cheater h-blocks, heavier frames, or products with the Mushroom Blading logo).

* We have no evidence to verify this marketing claim.

Included in your order:
- 1 set of 2 MB Big Block frames;
- 6mm hardware (for rockering);
- 8mm hardware (for flat or big footers).

Price is in USD and does not include shipping fees. These are final sale only.

Shipping costs will be added to your order when address information is entered***.
*** If you live in some remote, magical land, whereby your shipping fees are astronomical and far beyond the flat-rate fees we have listed on our site: we reserve the right to adjust shipping fees. We will contact you via email to advise you of the difference in cost and offer the option to pay the difference or cancel your order.

We will ship your frames the most economical air option - shipping may vary from 2-3 business days up to 4 weeks depending on your location.

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